Tuesday, 14 August 2012

All paths will lead into Allah's arms

Allah said you walk your path and go which ever direction your heart takes you but I will be here waiting on your return. I will let you search for yourself and experience what is out there in this world that I created for you. You will fall many times and you will feel my hands of support as you try to find your way. You will question everything that comes in your way, turn every stone upside down but that is your strength being built as you walk your path. That strength will help you in the future when you have come close to me. On your final destination, the place that I have created for you will be full of love and that strength that you built on your travels will help you on the last bit of your journey. Others will try their utmost best to knock you back down and back to their reality as they will not recognize the place that you are at. But don't you worry as there was a purpose for all them tears and pain that you went through. As you was shredding them tears, I was collecting them on your behalf. As you was struggling in life, I was there walking in your footsteps so that when you fell I could catch you. On many occasions I caught you and you would have felt that warm air all around you, them feathers that I scattered all around you. You must of felt them as you fell to the ground but you got straight back up didn't you. Know that you have seen what is out there, in this world that I have created for you. It is time for you to use all your experiences and guide others to the path of pure peace. That struggle that you experienced will be their strength know but you show the world that it's ok to stumble, get lost as the final destination is into Allah's arms which has being already being written. But remember that you will have support from your brothers and sisters who will help you guide others onto the right path that you are traveling on. So never worry of the many questions that will be asked of you as I will send support your way to guide and help you. They will try their best to knock you back down but that will be your challenges as you search their questions that will be asked of you. You just carry on and deliver my message of pure peace and don't be affraid as on your last breath I will send thousands of angels to come and collect you. I know you have already felt this presence as that was a taster to show you what it is like to feel angels carrying you. Picture that event that I took you on, but only this time you will not be returning back to earth like the last time. They will carry you gently into my arms and on your return to me we will play your life back. Yes, every thought, action that you took would have being registered. We will talk you through your life.

Insha Allah is knowing and knows everything that the world is displaying. Just be prepared, ask for forgiveness and find a path of pure peace?

Sara Khan


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