Friday, 17 August 2012

Never stop asking that question

Never stop asking your questions and searching for answers.

They might not be the right questions but they will be yours

Took me 20 years to search for my questions and I did find the answers. Nothing is a quick fix, it takes time, patients and hard work. Then there is people that don't understand, obstacles and hatred. But you walk away from them and continue on your path. Along your path angels will arrive to guide and support you. Never be scared, take risks but do them with respect in mind. There will be times when you fall right back down and you think what know? But you get back up and continue on your journey that is in front of you.

Never knew I was this strong, after all them knock backs I still got up and fought for what I believed in. Why, as my heart was telling me too and I believed in me.

Just remember you are not walking alone, God is at your side so take that first step. I am that angel know that will hold your hand, like mine was held. Just needs you to be brave and believe in you as you matter.

Love and peace

Sara Khan


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