Monday, 20 August 2012

Suicide isn't the answer

What ever is happening in your life, suicide isn't the answer. That is the wrong way to end your life as your problems remain on your return back to the spirit world as you are purely a soul in a shell experiencing life on earth. On your return back home to our creator, you will still have to live your pains and sorrows in the other world. Also if suicide is committed, you will not go to the higher realms and you will have to start at the bottom. Even over there your journey will continue as there is no death as life never ends and we continue to live on. Them pains, sadness that you have on earth, you will continue to have there as its another dimension but only this time it will be without your body. Your soul will always live on so don't cut life short because you feel it will be a easier route as it's not. You have come to learn and experience life on earth. Every sarrow , pain sadness that you feel you will feel over there.

Sending loving healing prayers to everyone who is going through difficult times, also to families and to souls as they try to find answers in the other world. May they have a safe transmission to the other side and angels to guide them safely over. When they finely get to God they will have to answer the whys and their life will be played back to them.

If anyone is reading this and feeling like this, there is so much help out there. Do not suffer in silence and search for your answers.



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