Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The passage of your soul in the after life

Again this post will trigger, so read with caution.

Spoke about suicide yesterday and how life never ends. When you cut your life short, your soul still has to work on issues that you have had on earth in the spirit world. There are different stages of passage when go to the other side. Some will go directly to heaven into the arms of our creator, a place of paradise and some will have to stay at the bottom to work on their issues that they had on earth. It's like a halfway house, a hospital in the spirit world and a place where you are taken care of. Most don't really know this, why would you if you hadn't had to face questions like this. But for some it will be a big shock when your life does end here and you see the light for the first time or it could be complete darkness. A loved one will come for you and safely take you over. Or you might be blessed with angels. But then depending what stage you are in life, your soul will be directed to the right place. You will have to continue to learn the lessons over there if you havant learned them here. So life never ends and the soul continues to live on. Then there is those that are lost, confused, but that's a different topic all together.

Sara Khan



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