Friday, 5 October 2012

Craved my mum, left a message for her to phone me!

Incase you all wondering what's the big deal in receiving a phone call from my mother! As most of you now my family have disowned me, because I found my lost voice and the last time I called my blood family I found out that there was more victims in India! I tried my best to find these girls but again family honour won I know they will be suffering, as I've being there!

But doing all of this, I went back to the very first step, depressed and all them whys. I will never understand why my family would choose family honour over my abusers. But I promise you all, I will talk to my mother, brothers and family but I will not break down. I will be strong for all the victims who have no voice as they need me.

But I will never understand why daughters always come second best. These abusers are free to hurt others and I am powerless to do anything. In time we will change all of this, our children are the future and all the little girls will not be second best.

To everyone who has no voice yet, I hope seen my strength encourages you to stand up for the little child in you. Don't let anyone control your life, as you are important.

Anyway, pray for me please as I have no idea what my creator has planned next. But my faith will get me through this step that I've taken, as big heart was telling me to call them!!

Insha Allah

Sara Khan


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