Saturday, 6 October 2012

" Your daughter, your honour and your responsibility "

We should learn by each lesson sent our way, if it comes again, that lessons wasn't learned or I need to really stop craving what will never be. But my heart must be getting stronger with time, as I had a fantastic sleep. Always look at what is in front of you, I'm looking at my two boys fighting over what to watch on TV. This is how my destiny was written, God took all my blood family away from me, as they had taught me the lessons that I had to take from them. But he made sure I had a family that I made to replace them all! My rock, that's my husband who is my support and he will always stand next to me on this wonderful journey. My little boys, yes they drive me mad but they are my world and I will protect them forever. Then I have two sister in laws, who are more like sisters and they are the sisters that I lost. Then it's you the world who are my strength and in time my love for you all has grown so big. I really love you all, truly I do.

Yesterday I learned a daughter is for life and not only for a short time. I'm sure you will all happily accept this daughter in your heart and then I can stop craving what will never ever happen, as it wasn't written in my destiny to receive love from my blood family.

Have a nice day and stay blessed. I'm going to spend it with my lovely family and spoil them. Going to cook them a big feast.

Love and Peace

Sara Khan


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